matt davidson.

hi, i'm matt. i make great software.
me at washington square park



i like public transport (!) so it seemed fitting for me to be a part of making an app to help aucklanders find their way around the city. the app is called waka. this was my first time getting stuck into any sort of webdev. using react, node and sql server we made waka into an easy-to-use, user-friendly app. i got my hands dirty building in a feature that shows live bus tracking and bike-share locations, and also building the mapping server.


i currently work at a transport consultancy in north sydney. i've created a safety assurance application, that transformed a paper-based process into a fully automated and database driven workflow. i worked closely in a team of 2, including me and a product manager. i used the latest javascript syntax, but had the challenge of having to support legacy browsers on government computers.


previously i worked at a small start up in auckland. our three-person team made an app called narrative that helps photographers easily build blog layouts. i created the main website, the subscription management page and a bunch of other internal tools that the team uses every day, including an administration portal for managing existing customers. as well as increasing my knowledge of javascript and react, this experience is honing my coding and communication skills.

about me.

i'm curious, passionate, and driven to learn and make things happen.

software engineering is the ideal space for me to grow these qualities while learning more about myself.

i love to code, especially with the latest technologies, and am excited to get experience in different parts of the trade. i have a knack for leading and managing teams, and forsee this as a big part of my career in future.

as well as getting involved in side software-related projects, i lead a busy, fulfilling non-work life in my local community.

i help run gratis, the auckland free store on karangahape road. we collect quality unused food from local eateries and distribute it to those in need twice a week. i'm also pretty big on travelling, enjoy cycling, running, and bouldering, and am fluent in french.

this is me cycling